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We believe in working hard and enjoying the simple things in life.  We get a great deal of pleasure by working in the yard together and growing produce. 


It's more than just food for us, it's food we share with all our family members and then sell to our neighbors for a little bit of cost recovery.  We know we'll never be millionaires but when we hear stories about how our vegetables were prepared or how much our food was enjoyed, it's a priceless reward.

When we had the opportunity to purchase a half acre in the city, we jumped at the chance as we had maximized our small lot. We dreamed of more room for a garden and fruit trees.  Although a half acre isn't a lot for most farmers, it keeps us busy and gives us the opportunity to provide for our family and community all close to the city amenities.

When we first started Garrison Park Market Garden we decided to sell at the Sunset Valley Farmers' Market.  We met some wonderful people and had a great time but we would sell out quickly every week and the amount of work to wash, package, deliver, set up and then sell the produce was exhausting.  The end of the season came and we took a break to replant and tackle a home remodel project.  The remodel project took longer than expected then the pandemic hit.  The extended break gave us time to reformat our market garden. We're still getting the garden and our shop back in order but we've had a lot of requests from neighbors and friends to sell products again so we're back on a small scale. 

$10 worth of produce may not seem like much but to us, it's reinforcement that we're needed and that our hard work is appreciated.  Produce lovingly grown from seed, watered, weeded and protected from bugs should never be wasted. Our plan is to expand frozen, canned, and dried products to eliminate waste, extend our season and also offer extra convenience for busy families.

Your support and feedback keeps us motivated to continue. Stay tuned as we expand our offerings and feel free to email suggestions and feedback. We would love to hear from you. 

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